Arrival in Jaca, after the first raining stage

  • 16/06/2016

Five stages completed and just two to get the challenge of the Pyrenees, the Transpyr’s mission. The riders have arrived today in Jaca, in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenee, in the first stage with rain and cold weather of this edition.

The cyclists today were treated to a stage with a 126 kilometre and climbs to the Fanlo and Cotefablo mountain passes. One day more, Ibon Zugasti was the fastest and continues to dominate.

Awaiting the cyclists tomorrow is a rather gruelling 168-km route to Roncesvalles, the longest stage which enters Navarre through the Arguibiela mountain pass. This stunningly beautiful stage includes a climb to Port de Larrau, the setting of various cycling feats as a stop on the Tour de France and one of the most demanding passes of Transpyr Backroads.

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