Stage 6. Jaca – Roncesvalles

Longest and perhaps the most beautiful stage of Transpyr Road. We rolled on the Western Valleys of Aragon before entering Navarra through the mountain pass of Arguibiela. The landscape is transformed by taking the peculiar lush green appearance of the Atlantic climate, which indicates that we come rapidly close to the Cantabrian Sea. Beautiful stage and epic cycling journey. Stage which may include the pass of Larrau. We are in territory Tour de France.

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Distance: 168 km
Elevation gain: 3450 m
ENegatie elevation: 2965 m
Villages: Jaca, Lastiesas, Aisa, Jasa, Hecho, Ansó, Isaba, Uztárroz, Izalzu, Ochagavía, Ezcároz, Jaurrieta, Abaurrea, Garaioa, Aribe, Garralda, Auritz/Burguete y Orreaga/Roncesvalles.

Aisa (1218m ): 4 km al 4,9% (desnv. 193m, pend. máx. 9,6%)
Ansó (1071m): 4,4 km al 5,7% (desnv. 252m, pend. máx. 9,5%)
Arguibiela (1292m): 13,5 km al 3,6% (desnv. 482, pend. máx. 9,0%)
Laza (1129m): 7 km al 3,7% (desnv. 260m, pend. máx. 8,8%)
Larrau (1585m): 10,8 km al 6,4% (desnv. 695m, pend. máx. 8,0%)
Jaurrieta (990m): 4,4 km al 5,9% (desnv. 260m, pend. máx. 7,5%)
Remendia (1040m): 2,8 km al 4,0% (desnv. 108m, 7,9%)
Abaurreagaina (1032m): 2,5 km al 3,0% (desnv. 90m, pend. máx. 6,1%)
Garralda (934m): 5,5 km al 4,2% (desnv. 223m, pend. máx. 9,1%)

ATENTION! Stage definition and elevation data is from last edition. The route for this edition is  still being approved.