Stages 7. Roncesvalles – Hondarribia

Transpyr Road final stage with the obstacle of seven mountain passes, most of them border within the Basque Country and France: especial attention to Sorogain pass, a espectacular landscape. This last stage it includes some hard sections like the first part of Urkiaga and Orxondo, with some kilometres around 10%. The arrival at the Atlantic Ocean, on the beach of Hondarribia after driving through the city town will be exciting.

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Distance: 148 km
Elevation gain: 2950 m
Negative elevartion: 3360 m
Villages: Orreaga/Roncesvalles, Auritz/Burguete, Auritzberri/Espinal, Urepel, Irurita, Arraioz, Oronoz-Mugairi, Zugarramurdi, Sare, Bera/Vera de Bidasoa, Behobia y Hondarribia

Mezkiritz (922m): 3,4 km al 1,6% (desnv. 69m, 6,1%)
Aztakarri (962m): 7,8 km al 2,4% (desnv. 193m, pend. máx. 8,0%)
Urkiaga (902m): 12 km al 4,0% (desnv. 531m, pend. máx. 19,0%)
Artesiaga (984m): 6,6 km al 4,9% (desnv. 324m, pend. máx. 14,0%)
Ortxondo (575m): 5,5 km al 3,4% (desnv. 343m, pend. máx. 16%)
Lisuniaga (220m): 6,0 km al 1,4% (desnv. 128m, pend. máx. 12,3%)