The organization does not perform as a booking agency although TRANSPYR TOURS can offer a PACK HOTEL once registered.

The main options of accommodation are:



Participants can book hotels by their own, or hire the Pack Hotel suggested by the organisation.
More information about Pack Hotel here

For those who wish to overnight in hotels but their requirements do not match with what the Pack Hotel offers, we suggest looking for all the accommodation information found below.


Motor homes:

The municipality of each stage point will decide the policy for this type of accommodation. They can lead the campers to existing campsites or the offer of a space for campers and can establish a small fee for it.
For more information, consult the Transpyr Locations in the “PARTICIPANT AREA” or directly to the organization.


Other accommodation options

For those who opt for searching alternative accommodation they can use the table below with general tourist information in the TRANSPYR stage towns.


Important information for accommodation booking:

When booking accommodation it is always important to make sure that you:

  • Find out about the possibility of securing your bike (although alternative overnight parking is provided by the organization).
  • Find out whether the time and nature of the dinner (if you do not attend or do not have enough with the pasta party) suits you.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to have a breakfast according to the effort required and the timetable that suits the time of start the daily event.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Remind that the organisation will only transport the official luggage bag (provided with the Participant Pack on the accreditation moment) and only pick up and deliver this one to the accommodations placed within the URBAN AREAS of the stage towns. If the accommodation is situated outside the departure and arrival villages of TRANSPYR the participant must find the means to carry and bring it to these places.