Optional services Transpyr Backroads


The organization offers different services for TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST participants to be bought or booked optionally, such as:

  • Pack Hotel
  • Camp (accommodation in sporthalls)
  • Transfer (bus to Roses or to Barcelona)
  • Mechanical Service
  • Massage Service
  • Photo Pack
  • Others

Some of these services can be provided by the organization and other by external providers. More information about them and signing up or booking of these services, if not stated the contrary, will be done through registering gateway.


Any external service for participants alien to those officially established by the organization will need to be authorized by this organization. This apply for services to participants or TRANSPYR BACKROADS members such as technical assistance, photography and shooting, massages, transportation, accommodation etc.





The service “pack hotel” consists in reserving rooms in hotels located in the different stage towns of TRANSPYR BACKROADS

(except for Hondarribia, not included in the pack). This service has been offered to facilitate participants to reserve accommodations close to the finish and start area (including Roses) and to offer an early morning breakfast. The organization is not responsible that the service provided by the accommodation (rooms, food, space for bikes, etc…) fulfills the expectations of the various participants. (more info and booking here)


(service provided by the organization) :

The organization offers to participants the TRANSPYR CAMP or sport hall accommodation with breakfast included. This option is only available for participants and offers them the opportunity to benefit from an affordable accommodation option with breakfast included.

Accommodation will be within sports halls and similar venues. Participants will sleep on the floor using their own mat and in their own sleeping bag. The accommodation will be open without separate areas. There will be access to toilets, bathrooms and showers, but we cannot guarantee the availability of hot water at all times. Electricity and plugs will be available for mobile phones and GPS batteries and other electronic devices. Breakfast will be provided by the organization early in the morning: this breakfast is reserved exclusively to those who have contracted the TRANSPYR CAMP.

The organization may limit the availability of places in the TRANSPYR CAMP in some stage towns who have capacity constraints.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transpyr Camp includes the first night in Roses but not the last night of the event in Hondarribia.

In case of changing accommodation option during the event, you will not be refunded the amount paid for this kind of accommodation.

(more info and booking here)



TRANSFER: Way back transportation.

The organization will provide an optional service allowing TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST participants to reach the start venue of the event, consisting on a bus for the transportation of the rider, his/her personal belongings bag, and his/her bicycle.

  • Transfer: Hondarribia – Roses or Barcelona
    Will leave from Hondarribia on Sunday 16th June in the morning.
  • Transfer EAST: El Pont de Suert – Roses
    Will leave from el Pont de Suert on Wednesday 12th June in the morning.
  • Transfer WEST: Hondarribia – el Pont de Suert
    Will leave from Hondarribia on Sunday 16th June in the morning.

Exact departure locations and schedules for all three transfers will be communicated in future to all interested persons.

The organization holds the right to establish the logistics of the transfers in the most convenient way (for instances the same bus from Hondarribia and splitting the travelers to El Pont de Suert on the way; bicycles in a different vehicle, etc.).

In case of having booked the service and to using it, the organisation will not refund the not used service.

(more info and booking here)



Aware of the mechanical demands that arise in a bike event like TRANSPYR BACKROADS, the organization suggests booking the bicycle mechanical service.

The difficulty in organizing an efficient and quality service for a wide variety of bicycles brands and models in an environment like the Pyrenees, makes it necessary to size the mechanical, components and consumables service needed. This demand to know which and how many bikes will have to be managed, thus making in some cases compulsory to book the service in advance when interested.

There could be several offers of Technical Service accredited by TRANSPYR BACKROADS. The interested participant will have to choose the most convenient for him/her and directly book it with the provider, since these will be independent services.

In terms of technical support, the organization is responsible for providing the bike washing points as well as a small self repair workshop corner at the end stages towns.

(more info and booking here)


The organization of TRANSPYR BACKROADS provides you with the possibility of booking a very advisable massage service for those participants who wish to recover from the effort after the very long and demanding stages of the event.

This service is essential to ensure the physical recovery, one of the keys to being Finisher of TRANSPYR  BACKROADS.

There could be several offers of Massage Service accredited by TRANSPYR BACKROADS. The interested participant will have to choose the most convenient for him/her and directly book it with the provider, since these will be independent services.

(more info and booking here)


Get a special souvenir of this memorable challenge with the images that the official professional photo team of TRANSPYR BACKROADS will take from you.

(more info and booking here)