Registration guidelines Transpyr Backroads 2020


1 Participant Capacity
TRANSPYR BACKROADS is open to experts and advanced cyclists with adequate physical and mental endurance. Participants must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the event.

Participants have full responsibility for their health condition and will have to submitt the medical certificate form (in their “participants area”) properly filled and signed by a doctor at the accreditation.

All participants must be officially accredited as member of TRANSPYR BACKROADS.

2 Terms
Every participant must accept the general rules and instructions included in the regulations of TRANSPYR BACKROADS which are available on the official web and must follow the guidelines and orders given by the organization staff. In addition, all indications, instructions or other rules contained in the announcement and official information of TRANSPYR BACKROADS constitute a contractual obligation for the participant. Claims of any kind relating to the contract or services provided by the organizer of TRANSPYR BACKROADS should be raised only at the end of the event, within one month after the contractual end of the event and only towards the organizer at the address below.

3 Registration

All participants must register online through the official website, in the REGISTRATION section, within the deadlines established by the organization. The organization reserves the right to extend the registration period. Registration will be effective upon completion of the registration process ONLINE, confirming the acceptance of the conditions of registration and the rules of participation, and only when the organisation has received the registration fees. Enrolling in TRANSPYR BACKROADS entitles the participant to receive the Participant Pack at the accreditation on the day prior the start.

4 Payment
The payment terms are established in the section Register of this website and detailed detailed in the e-mail that will be received once the reservation request has been made.

5 Fractioned payment

Paying the entry fee in two instalments of 50% is allowed. The first will be held at the moment of  the registration confirmation and the second before March 30 of 2020.


1 Cancellation Policy
The organization of TRANSPYR BACKROADS allows participants to cancel their registration and to receive a partial refund of their entry fee as detailed below:
1- Until 15th March 2020 refund of 75%.
2- Between 16th March and 15th May 2020, with a refund of 50% of the total registration fee.
3- From the 16th May 2020 there is no refund .

These returns, always take into account the total cost of registration fees, not the amount paid by the applicant which could be 50% since we have the mode of payment by installment.

* important: In case the team has contracted some optional services provided by the organization, those shall be deemed for all purposes and for this issue as “registration fee”.

There are no exceptions for medical reasons of injuries or illnesses. In these cases it may be possible to pass the registration the following year, if the postponement service has been hired at the time of registration.

2 Cancellation / Termination by the organization

The organization can cancel the contractual condition of registration of a participant to TRANSPYR BACKROADS after the start of the event in the following cases:

a. Violation of the participation rules and / or instructions given to the participant, during the event.
b. Failure of the participant to observe instructions of the management of the event or organization staff.
c. If the participant´s behavior is not consistent with the rules and regulations of the event and does not much, anymore the entry conditions, the organizers may terminate the participant rights of registration.

In all these cases, the participant will not be refund  for the amount corresponding to the services not used or consumed at the time of the extinction.

3 Cancellation of the event

The organization reserves the right to cancel the event in case of insufficient participant registration. In this circumstance the full amount of registration fee would be refunded. The organization may propose an alternative form of another format of event participants already registered.

If the event is cancelled due to grounds of force majeure not attributable to the organization, the participant shall not be entitled to any refund of the registration fee or other compensation lost as travel expenses or accommodation.

4 Unused Services

If the participant withdraws from the event due to illness or any other reason not attributable to the organizer, or use the services entitling registration, they have no right to any refund in relation to the elements of the participant pack unused at the point of their withdrawal


1 Exclusivity
The organizer ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. owns all rights of TRANSPYR BACKROADS. This includes all commercial, orngainization and image rights of the event, before, during and after the event, in exclusivity. ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L.  has therefore the power and authority to decide on these matters and may limit the capacity of the participants or teams, as well as other organizations, professionals or corporations if they believe that it is against their interests.

2 Brands

TRANSPYR, TRANSPYR TOURS, TRANSPYR BACKROADS and TRANSPYR BACKROADS PRIME are registered brands. The use of this brands is only possible with the appropiate authorization.

3 Image of participants

All participants of TRANSPYR BACKROADS, by their registration, consent to ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. to freely use visual materials (photographs and images) recorded during the event in which they can recognize themselves, accessing therefore its publication and disclosure by both the organization and by means external to the database.


To participate in TRANSPYR BACKROADS is essential to be in possession of an insurance with healt care coverage for accidents and liability in cycling. This insurance will be provided by the organization but the participant is obliged to provide as much information as is necessary for its formalization.

The organization is not responsible for other bikers than participants following the routes used by TRANSPYR BACKROADS in previous editions and 2020, beyond the context of the celebration of the event itself.

The participant understands the following responsibilities. These are deemed to have been accepted by the participant when they confirm their registration to participate in the event:

With this registration, I am committed to participating in the TRANSPYR BACKROADS event. I acknowledge that participation in an event of this nature has inherent risks and accept these risks. I will not implement any compensation claims against the organizer, regardless of the reason, except where the organizer, their legal representatives or their assistants have acted with intent or without due care in carrying out their responsibilities or contractual obligations.
I have read, know and understand the particular rules and regulations of the event and I will respect them.I am aware of the fact that the organization will provide immediate medical assistance and first aid to participants on the course.
I expressly state with my signature that I participate in this event at my own risk and that I and that I have provided all the required information to be insured in case of accident or civil liability.
I’m aware that I may book a personal accident insurance to cover any additional medical costs that may be incurred.
I confirm that to the best of my knowledge there are no medical conditions that would prevent my safe participation in the event and that I will make the organizers aware of any allergies or existing medical conditions that may affect the manner in which I am treated should I be involved in an accident.
I agree that the company which legaly respond of  TRANSPYR BACKROADS: ANAYET LATITUD NORTE SL can use my personal data including email address to send more information regarding the event, including that information derived from the relationship with collaborators or sponsors.


Any claim of a participant to the organization regardless of the field and court proceedings, is subject to the statute of limitations of one year after the end of the event taking place contractually specified. The legal and contractual relationship between the participant and  ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. are entirely subject to Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction is Girona.

Service provider and organizer data:

TRANSPYR BACKROADS is an initiative and brand from the company ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. (commercial reasson ANAYET SPORT MARKETING), owner of TRANSPYR.

Being TRANSPYR BACKROADS formally a cyclotourist event that is contracted to ANYAET LATITUD NORTE S.L., the data of this one are listed as contact:


VAT: B- 31968068
Adress: Polígono Municipal, Vial 4, Nave 9 – 31500 Tudela (Navarra) – Spain

Tel 0034.972.57.23.67