RULES OF PARTICIPATION in TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 (Pending publication 2020)




1 TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 is a cyclotourist travel that  goes from Roses at the Mediterranean Sea to Hondarribia at the Atlantic Ocean across the the southern slopes of the Pyrenees in seven journeys. .

2 TRANSPYR BACKROADS  2019  will be held from 9th June to 16th June 2019 comprising 7 stages, with approximately 1,000 km and around 20,000 m of gain.

3   TRANSPYR BACKROADS is a technical proposal made by TRANSPYR which participation is booked through its travel agency TRANSPYR TOURS.



  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the event. For the whole regulations, a participant is considered an individual person who is registered in TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019.
  2. Every person registered in TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 must be in possession of a personal insurance with accident and medical assistance as well as civil liability coverage for the practice of cycling, and for the nature and scope of the described activity. The organization can provide this insurances. Due to legal requirements and liability and safety reasons it will not be allowed to start TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 to any registered person who doesn’t have these compulsory insurance.


  1. The participation in TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 is done individually
  2. The completion of the stage course is performed by GPS navigation.
  3. The organization provides the participants with: track, elevation profiles, sketch-maps and information necessary to follow each stage.
  4. The entire route is open to road traffic and with unchanged customs of the places,. Therefore, the participant must follow the traffic rules at all time, as well as staff instructions or police orders if any. The cyclist himself is solely responsible for indiscretions or offenses committed, without being able to attribute the cost or damages they cause by their actions to the promoter and the organization

This cyclist travel observes the regulation complies with the regulations and the applicable Spanish laws. In consequence, and specifically, groups of more than fifty cyclists are not allowed to cycle together on the public roads, whether or not participants of TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019.

  1. Each participant must have a suitable physical form, assuming their responsibility under physical and mental conditions. Participation is restricted to those suffering from any sort of decrease that might jeopardize their safety or that form other participants. In this regard, participants must get to the organisation at the accreditation day the medical certificate (available in the participants area) correctly fulfilled.

Journeys  development.

  1. The participants will roll freely and at their own rhythm as long as they respect the Highway Code, at any time. TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 does not include travel guide.
  2. . The organization will place food stations to try to fulfil the participant’s nutrition and hydration needs along the journey. However it is recommended, considered the demanding topography in some sections, to carry some kind of extra energy bars and/or reinforcement.
  3. For safety reasons, the organization will establish a time limit for the last food station in order to guarantee the participants arrival at the finish stage town with daylight. If a participant does not reach the fixed time, he or she will have to follow the organization instructions.
  4. Check points. The participant must follow the track provided by the organization. Start and finish control as well as food stations may function as check points to preserve the participant’s safety the organization can dispose additional blind check points in specified sections of the route in order to determine the correct route tracking by all the participants.
  5. In case of or there is a doubt or suspicion or if a participant has not ride through any of the checkpoints, the organization may request the participant‘s GPS device track in order to validate the itinerary.
  6. In some places and food stations TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 coincides with TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB (the mountain bike event). Courtesy and mutual respect is expected from the participants of both modalities.

17 The start is foreseen in a sole group, but the organization can decide upon different reasons to exceptionally start the stage at different time intervals, either individually or in groups of participants.

  1. Finish areas are located in urban environments thus participants are required to ride at a moderate speed, respecting traffic rules.
  2. The organization establishes recognition to all TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 participant who has respected the entire track proposed for the seven stages and who has checked in all controls along the route.



  1. The use of officially approved road cycling helmet is mandatory.
  2. Front and rear light (MANDATORY use in the passage of tunnels).
  3. The participant must have the bike in perfect condition; the braking system has to be revised and covers in good condition.
  4. Each participant must be mechanically self-sufficient and carry the spare material that he or she considers as necessary.
  5. Each participant should always carry during the stage, the following mandatory materials and accessories:
    – Official approved helmet for road cycling.
    – GPS device with enough battery to cover the stage and spare batteries.
    – Mobile phone with charged battery and enable to make phone calls in Spain and France.
    – Thermal blanket,
    – Participant accreditation with emergency phone numbers, and one litter of drink.

This equipment will be checked at the discretion of the organization especially at the start of each journey.
There may be that the organization determines some extra mandatory material and equipment for certain stage, in that case it will be communicated in advance.

  1. The organization may verify at any time the status of registered participants in TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019. For that reason, each participant must always carry the badge that will have been provided to him or her for that purpose.


The participants in the gravel modality must respect this regulation. In your case, and to be considered finishers, you must complete the gravel sections that the organization will provide on the specific tracks.