• 05/03/2019

How could it be otherwise! TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST is once again a pioneer presenting a unique event of mixed terrain.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST, its road modality will celebrate the adventurous spirit of the event by entering the world of gravel cycling.

Therefore, TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 will propose several stages with an optional track that will include some forest tracks and bridleways to reach unknown and remote locations of the Pyrenees.

In order to face this special challenge, those willing to try will be able to choose between changing their bicycle, wheels or tires for a certain stage, or they may even proceed to change their wheels in the course of the stage or stages in question.

TRANSPYR BACKROADS participants will be free to choose the entire road track or their mixed terrain alternatives, logically opting to be Finisher with both course options.

Soon more information and precise data of this exciting novelty!

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