Transpyr Backroads Gravel

TRANSPYR BACKROADS proposes several stages with an optional track that will include stretches of forest and good shaped trails to approach the participants to unknown and remote locations of the Pyrenees.

The Gravel route options are litimed to some stages and the percentage of unpaved surfaces will be around 20-40% of the total of the stage.

It is a mixed route that combines sections of the TRANSPYR BACKROADS track, the TRANSPYR GRAND RAID MTB track, or new itineraries by small roads with sectors of unpaved trails according to the gravel philosophy of tracks and trails in good conditions.

In order to face this special challenge, you can change the bicycle, wheels or tires for a specific stage, or during those stages.

Participants in TRANSPYR BACKROADS can choose the 100% road track or their mixed alternatives, being eligible for Finisher with both options. The choice of the gravel options must be made before the start of the event.