Participant Pack Transpyr Backroads 2019

The registration to TRANSPYR BACKROADS PRIME gives the participant the right to get the PARTICIPANT PACK wich includes:

  • Stage profiles and maps.
  • Proposal challenges for every journey.
  • Accident medical assistance insurance during de cycling journey.
  • Medical assistance and rescue during the stages.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Participation gift.
  • Check points.
  • Food stations during the stage, plus one on arrival of each stage.
  • Pasta party and briefings after each stage.
  • Bike wash point at the end of each stage.
  • Transpyr bag to transport your luggage (max 20 kg).
  • Transfer of luggage bag to the accommodation (limited to the urban core of the stage town).
  • Transfer of your privat bag and/or transport bike box from Roses to Hondarribia.
  • Service bag at the finish line.
  • Overnight parking for bicycles.
  • TRANSPYR BACKROADS  FINISHER garment (reserved for those who have completed the seven stages on the terms established by the organization).

The registration to TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2019 must be done through the menu REGISTER in this website , and implies contracting the Participant Pack establishing a personal contract between the participant and the service provider. If the participant cannot attend the event, the contract is canceled by the return due to the participant, according to the cancellation policy. The Participant Pack cannot be passed or sold to another person.